Financial Life Planning

Advanced Financial Life Planning

Create a satisfying and fulfilling vision of life, and discover how to achieve that vision.

The purpose of Financial Life Planning is to help you create a satisfying and fulfilling vision of life and then help you discover how to achieve that vision. Your vision of life is made up of your specific “wants” which are vivid and compelling to you – the ones that get you exited for the future. These include four areas of your life; home, lifestyle, family, and career. Incorporated within all of these are your estate and philanthropic considerations.

All good planning involves imagining the way you want things to be (your vision), confirming where you actually are (your current reality), assessing and acknowledging when there’s a gap between the two, understanding why there’s a gap, and then learning what you can do to close that gap.

WealthLife Capital uses this Financial Life Planning Process. Although we also provide regular modular and comprehensive financial planning services, we believe that Financial Life Planning is a better solution for our clients. Financial Planning is about crunching numbers, using financial tactics and products that will meet financial objectives. Life Planning is about your life. It’s about creating a satisfying and fulfilling vision of life, and then discovering how best to achieve that vision.

With Life Planning, you participate in every step of the planning process. You align lifestyle decisions with effective financial-planning tactics that suit you. Life Plans are about your vision, your way.

Your Vision, Your Way

The main components of a Financial Life Plan are:

What are your most important family values? They largely determine what you want in life. Life plans begin by asking you to prioritize your most important family values.

What are the things that you have and do now, and would like to have and do in the future? Life plans help you clarify your vision of life in four areas: home, lifestyle, family, and career. Life plans recognize that your immediate wants are just as important to you as your long-term planning needs.

When do you want to have and do things, and what do you think they will cost?  Life plans let you attach details to your vision exactly according to what you want.  For example, we can model semi-retirement and a less active lifestyle as you age.

Will your current actions achieve your wants? Life plans provide a complete financial forecast.  To learn what effective actions you could take, we use our advanced life-planning software to model and compare “What if?” scenarios.

Our portfolio management clients are automatically provided with all Financial Life Planning advice and services as an included benefit to our discretionary portfolio management services.  For clients who have portfolios that are below our account minimum threshold, or for those who wish to hire us exclusively for Financial Life Planning, we offer Fee-For-Service financial planning services.

Our planning fees are $300 per hour. This fee is based on our time and the expertise we’ve built from many years of financial planning experience.  Discounts are available for simple modular based needs such as insurance needs analysis, retirement analysis, university funding analysis etc.  These individual needs typically cost $500 per analysis.

We guarantee that you’ll always get a completely independent recommendation from us, free from conflicts of interest or hidden purposes.  You pay us for our time and expertise, and we’ll give you our honest advice and recommendations, along with appropriate products, if any are needed, to put action to your plan.

If you choose to use products or services available at our firm, such as discretionary portfolio management or insurance products, we can fully discount your planning fees based on fees generated from the products or services you obtain from us.

The purpose of initial meetings and discussions is for each of us to determine whether there is a fit for us to work together. In our 25 + years of experience, we’ve come to understand that this is the foundation of a solid long-term relationship. As such, initial meetings are free of charge or pressure.

If you choose to hire us for services, we will establish an Engagement Agreement with you before any fees start to accrue.

Fabien has provided research and strategies for my portfolio in a conscientious and dedicated way. He was instrumental in covering complex aspects of tax and life insurance issues that I needed to address in conjunction with my retirement goals. I have the confidence and trust that he is providing the best solutions for my financial planning needs.
Martha Smart
Sales Director

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